Medtronic MMT397 <br>MiniMed Paradigm QuickSet Infusion Set

Medtronic MMT397
MiniMed Paradigm QuickSet Infusion Set



The Medtronic Minimed Quick-set® infusion conveniently disconnects at the infusion site and offers a pre-attached adhesive for a discreet, low profile design. The Medtronic Minimed Quick-set® Infusion Set (MMT397) offers a 9mm soft cannula and 23 inch tubing for mostly everyone. The Safe Needle Disposal System of the Medtronic Minimed Quick-set helps prevent accidental sticking when disposing of the introducer needle in your sharps container. This Medtronic Minimed set works with the Quick-serter to provide optimal insertion every time.


The Minimed Quick-Set infusion set offers the convenience of on-site tubing disconnect and is also self-adhesive (no over taping) for discreet, low profile design. The Quick-set infusion set features a Safe Needle Disposal System that helps prevent accidental stickings that happen during disposal. The MMT-397 Minimed Quick-Set also works with the Quick-serter insertion device to ensure a perfect insertion every single time.

Minimed Quick-Set Paradigm Infusion Set Features:
90 Degree Insertion Angle
Disconnect at Infusion Site
Low-Profile Design
Safe Needle Disposal System Prevents "Accidental Stickings"
Includes 10 full sets



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